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15 Trivia Questions on US States

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Happy 4th of July week! I hope you’re getting ready to do all that hot dog grillin’, firework watchin’, and drunken stumblin’. If you want to book a patriotic trivia (or any virtual or in-person trivia bash for that matter!) please hit me up on my website contact form here!

Until then, here are 15 trivia questions on these United States. Learn some weird facts! Good luck. The answers are in white after each question, so just highlight to check.

  1. The only active diamond mine is located in what state that starts with an A? ARKANSAS

  2. George Washington took the oath of office in what state on April 30, 1789? NEW YORK

  3. What state features the largest production of maple syrup? VERMONT

  4. In what state would you find NASA headquarters? TEXAS

  5. The world’s first drive in movie theater was in what two word state? NEW JERSEY

  6. What state is known as the driest state? NEVADA

  7. The town of Battle Creek in what state produces the most cereal? MICHIGAN

  8. 98% of the world’s crayfish come from what state? LOUISIANA

  9. In what state does the film Weird Science take place? ILLINOIS

  10. What state was the only in history to turn down the Olympics? COLORADO

  11. What state is the world’s popcorn capital? INDIANA

  12. Kentucky used to be part of what other state until 1792? VIRGINIA

  13. In what middle of America state was Kool Aid invented? NEBRASKA

  14. In what state was Jack Daniels Whiskey born? TENNESSEE

  15. Which state has the only flag that’s not rectangular shaped? OHIO

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