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15 Halloween Trivia Questions

Happy Halloween 2019! Today's podcast episode features 15 questions on the classic holiday, along with witches, TV specials, and scary movie tidbits. You can listen traditionally on the regular podcast feed, but I made a video companion to today's ep, along with the text version of all the questions in case you wanted to use them for anything! Answers are in the video, the podcast audio, or you can email me for the text version at

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  1. In Hocus Pocus, what are the names of the three Sanderson Sisters?

  2. What east coast city holds the record for most Jack O lanterns lit at once?

  3. What comic book character does Monica dress up as on a Friends episode called The One With the Halloween Party?

  4. What film simply used the tagline Trick or Treat, Fools?

  5. What's the last name of the doctor hunting Michael Myers in the first Halloween film?

  6. Harry Houdini died on Halloween in what decade?

  7. What's the word for a group of witches?

  8. What is the world's best selling candy bar?

  9. In what year did the first Halloweentown movie air on Disney channel?

  10. Who wrote the young adult book from 1983 called The Witches?

  11. The 1988 film Pumpkinhead was the directorial debut of what special effects master?

  12. On a traditional ghost emoji, what eye is bigger when you're looking at it, the left or the right?

  13. When waiting for a famous legend, what three word sign does Linus hold on on the Charlie Brown Halloween special?

  14. What band had the 1982 song Psycho Killer?

  15. Halloween Horror Nights is a themed attraction at what theme park?

Happy trick-or-treating!

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