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  • Individual or Team-based gameplay for up to 5,000 players

  • Everyone uses their smartphone to buzz in and score points; export scores at end for prizes

  • Award prizes for round winners or overall teams/players

  • Budds hosts the show on his Zoom, or hops on your platform

  • Everything is customizable:  the rounds, the look, the logos & more; over 800 topics to choose from

  • Great for fundraisers, corporate team building, birthdays & more!

Is half your office back in-person and the other half still working remotely?



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  • Individual gameplay for up to 5,000 players

  • Players mark off cards digitally using their smartphones

  • Number Bingo, Music Bingo, Picture Bingo and Trivia Bingo varieties

  • Customize shows with specific requests:  80s Music, Nerdy Movies, Holiday Trivia, Your Office/Group faces, the sky's the limit!

  • Award fun prizes to round winners

  • Get your crew singing, dancing, and laughing along!

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  • Individual or Team-based for up to 50 players

  • Recreations of popular shows like Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, and more

  • Host a single game or a variety of all game options

  • Customize puzzles, questions, and surveys based on your group 

  • Pit a guest of honor against their friends, family, and colleagues

  • Include extra games like The 20 Sec Challenge, Group Scavenger Hunts and more!


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How long should the show be? 

Shows can run 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. 60 mins is typically the longest a virtual entertainment show should run from my experience, but a quick round or two at the end of a long meeting or conference works well, too!

How can we use virtual entertainment as a fundraiser?

Virtual trivia allows for many fundraising opportunities, whether you’re an individual organization or have a host of sponsors. Here are a few ways Trivia With Budds can provide guidance:

  • Logo placement for your biz or a sponsoring biz

  • Game code word customization (something like, for example)

  • Background picture/all color codes can be matched perfectly with a company’s scheme

  • Offering to have a question in the round about the company

  • Selfie video of a boss or head asking an actual question in the round

  • Playing a video/ad before or after their sponsored round

  • Showing a graphic of any kind during their round with a coupon code/ad

And for other ways to raise money during the show:

  • Directing players to a silent auction

  • Showing text-to-give campaigns with Venmo/PayPal/Etc. links

  • Offering donators the chance at a raffle for x amount of dollars they donate

  • Charigng teams to register, or individual players to play, offering custom team names

Are these shows for all-ages? Are they family-friendly?

Yes! All shows are clean as a whistle (unless otherwise requested) and questions, themes, games, and challenges can be catered to kids (think birthday parties and bar mitzvahs) or adults (think Happy Hours and End-of-workday fun) and even the elderly (think senior communities and milestone celebrations). 

If Budds is booked, does he have a backup?

For sure! Budds has a select squad of amazing hosts for busy days. He'll make it work!

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