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The Beer Wizard is Here!

Two things that go together: Harry Potter and Craft Beer!

I'm hosting a huge Harry Potter themed trivia night on Friday May 31st, 2019 at my home base for trivia in SoCal, Last Name Brewing in Upland, CA. We shot this video as a quick promo for the event coming up in a couple of weeks!

Check out the crazy video here by clicking on the picture below.

And grab tickets to the special event here: HP Tickets

Explore more Harry Potter trivia with the links below!

20 HP Question on The Trivia With Budds Podcast: https://triviawithbudds.libsyn.com/20-trivia-questions-on-harry-potter

5 HP Trivia Team Name: DUMBledore's Army You're a Quizzard, Harry Harry Twitter and the Deathly Follows Hagrid Iron Gang Cho Chang of Fools

15 HP Questions on YouTube:


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