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Ryan Budds is a comedian, trivia host, TV producer, and actor who has hosted over 5,000 in-person trivia events and comedy shows in LA and Chicago since 2006 and over 550 virtual shows since March 2020. Before starting his hosting biz, Budds worked as a segment producer for Super Jacket Productions and Rob Dyrdek's Ridiculousness on MTV and also appeared in the first Sharknado movie. He's also appeared in other crazy movies like Airplane VS. Volcano, Jurassic Planet, and Snake Outta Compton, just to name a few more of the most ridiculous titles. On TV, he's been on Beverly Hills Pawn, How I Met Your Mother, and FOX's Laughs.

If you've been to other trivia nights, you'll always remember the questions but it's rare where you recall the host. Budds is great at getting to know you on the fly, and your friends and family will dig his group games, jokes, and challenges. In addition to hosting trivia, Budds can run engaging raffles for your fundraiser, customize questions for your occasion, and even officiate your wedding (he's done ten of them!) If you're looking for a flexible host, you've just found him.


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