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Can You Guess All These Movies From Their Taglines?

Happy Friday! Here's a batch of movie taglines for you to read. Guess which movie matches with each tagline based on the year they came out. Email me your answers at to be eligible for a sweet prize!

  1. 1985 Melvin was a 90 lb. weakling until nuclear waste transformed him into a...

  2. 1995 The future is history.

  3. 1992 You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll hurl.

  4. 2001 3% body fat. 1% brain activity.

  5. 1997 The coast is toast.

  6. 1999 How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.

  7. 1972 This is the weekend they didn’t play golf.

  8. 1993 See it with a bud.

  9. 1986 Leisure rules.

  10. 2007 What if this guy got you pregnant?

  11. 1994 From zero to hero.

  12. 2008 An adventure beyond ordinar-E.

  13. 1994 Five good reasons to stay single.

  14. 1998 Laughter is contagious.

  15. 2005 Laugh. Cry. Share the pants.

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