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Happy Labor Day! 15 Questions about WORK

What's up trivia family! Happy Labor Day. I hope your'e having a great day off with a nice morning cocktail.

To celebrate the holiday, I put out 15 questions about the theme of WORK for you to answer below. You can find the answers in the podcast version or the IGTV version. Enjoy!


1. Who had the hit song Work featuring Drake in 2016?

2. What 1999 movie had the tagline Work Sucks?

3. What Canadian rock band had the song Working for the Weekend?

4. In 1997, Fred Savage starred on what NBC sitcom that lasted two seasons?

5. What R and B star asked the question "is it worth it let me work it?"

6. Michael Scott had a boss on the early seasons of The office named David. What was his last name?

7. The three top billed actors and actresses on the cover of Working Girl are Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver and who else?

8. In what Disney movie could you hear the song Whistle While You Work?

9. In 1981, what acclaimed actress came out with a workout book and later, VHS tapes and even an album?

10. In a memo, what does the acronym EOD stand for?

11. The Julia Roberts as a working prostitute movie Pretty Woman takes place in what city?

12. What country has the shortest work week in the world at 29 hours? The Netherlands, New Zealand, or Nicaragua?

13. In 1880, Emily Stowe was the first female to work in what profession in Canada?

14. What day of the week is most common for people calling in sick?

15. What's another name for someone who fabricates and erects the structural framework buildings, bridges, towers, and more?

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