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20 Questions on Seinfeld

My brothers and I are HUGE Seinfeld fans, and one of our favorite things to do is to email each other the most difficult questions we can think of from the series. Personally, I think it's really challenging to try and remember all the fake movie titles from throughout the series, like Death Blow, Chunnel, and Cry, Cry Again.

I like Seinfeld so much, I once my gorgeous wife dress up as...George. She still got hit on at a Halloween party, somehow.

Crazy Seinfeld Costumes

Here's 20 of my favs from recent memory. See how you fare on the ultimate show about nothing! Answers are at the bottom, in white, so just highlight them to check yours.

  1. What fast food restaurant does Kramer get addicted to?

  2. What was George's gym teacher's nickname to mock him?

  3. Who does Jerry catch not washing his hands?

  4. What movie does Elaine hate but everyone else loves?

  5. What soup does Newman order, smell, and run away with?

  6. What is Puddy wearing when he says "All signs point to yes?"

  7. What sour fruit does Kramer try to return to Joe's fruit store?

  8. What actor plays TV pilot George?

  9. What's the name of the video store the gang goes to?

  10. What's the name of the woman Jerry dates but can't remember?

  11. Who is the first character out of "The Contest?"

  12. What is George's ATM code?

  13. Marla Penny is a girl who dates Jerry, also known as who?

  14. What comic strip does Elaine unknowingly steal from the New Yorker?

  15. What does Frank Costanza collect?

  16. What is the name of the bogus Wizard calculator?

  17. What's the maestro's legal name?

  18. What TV show does Jerry lie about watching and liking?

  19. What does Mrs. Enright find George eating out of the trash?

  20. What animal expert does Kramer have on the Merv Griffin Show?

How'd you do? Check your answers by highlighting below.

  1. Kenny Rogers Roasters

  2. Can't-Stand-Ya

  3. Poppie

  4. The English Patient

  5. Jumbalaya

  6. 8-Ball Jacket

  7. A Peach

  8. Jeremy Piven

  9. Champagne Video

  10. Dolores

  11. Kramer

  12. Bosco

  13. The Virgin

  14. Ziggy

  15. TV Guides

  16. Willard

  17. Bob Cobb

  18. Eclaire

  19. Melrose Place

  20. Jim Fowler

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