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Three New Things I Can't Tell If I Like

What's up friends of all-things-fun? I hope you are having a great week here in the middle of June. As I attempt to fall asleep at all hours of the night, I'm constantly diverted to ads, posts, and other nonsense that makes me go, "oh keep scrolling!" Here are three things I've come across recently that I can't tell if I like.


Will these taste good? It doesn't say "frozen dairy dessert" so that's a start! Someone posted them and swears they are very tasty but they could only find them at Aldi. I've never bought anything from an Aldi, so I'm cautious. I don't even know where there's an Aldi around me. Why only Aldi?!


This caught me eye at the Target checkout as a future gift for my daughter Belle. She loves Legos, and she loves jewelry, and this seems like a cool way to help her make her own stuff and change it out whenever she wants. The pieces are really small, but there's lots of variety, and they make bigger sets where you can make bigger things. Is this a good gift, or just more crap to fill the house?


I'm not a huge flavored vodka guy (I like mojitos in the summer) but something about this makes me think it will taste like a boozy bomb-pop which is enticing. It definitely fits the bill for summertime. Would I want more than one drink though? That's my go-to question with anything sort of cooky-flavored. I'm not gonna buy it for one and then just close the bottle. I hope it's good!

Three new items in the world of shopping, and even after typing these short blurbs, I still don't know if they're worth buying! Let me know in the comments if you've tried them all, or want to. RB

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