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Old Folks Trivia Night

Hey friends! As more and more things get put on lockdown again, I wanted to share some fun you can have with some of the elderly loved ones in your lives!

I host trivia at a community in Glendale, CA called Windsor twice a month and have done so for almost 4 years now. They're a really fun group, and they always seem to enjoy the questions and what they can remember.

I just had a fun session with them this past week and wanted to share all four rounds that I used to entertain their group. I figured if you're visiting your elders and want to try something new and fun, give this a go!

It's four rounds as PowerPoints, so you can display them if you want or you can just quiz the group. These can also be used for any age, but they are aimed at working different parts of your brain to figure out the answers. Have fun! RB

Senior Trivia Night
Download ZIP • 6.18MB

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