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Big Bingo Winners

We had our big return to live events this past Sunday with an hour of pop culture Bingo at Highpoint Brewing in San Dimas, CA! It was an excellent turnout and a ton of fun.

Amy Dupas took our top prize of an insulated cooler bag, crowlers, stickers, shirts, coozies, and coasters!

We also gave away some great quarantine prizes to these folks! The Marquez family won some candy!

And Colby won some new coasters!

And LC took home a 3 foot wide crossword puzzle!

It get great being back on a mic in a public place after 75 days. Great players and great craft beer make it even better!

See you next week (and every week until the next quarantine) for more Bingo with Budds at Highpoint Brewing in San Dinas, CA.

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