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Chattanooga Here I Come!

The delicious food. The genuine people. The local bands playing music just off of the Tennessee River. Man, do I love me some CHATTANOOGA!

I've traveled to Chattanooga from Chicago or LA at least six times in as many years, and it never gets old. It helps that my brother Tom lives there, and he's always welcoming with his huge house and many pets as a southern travel destination for my family and I.

After the success of a local event I did in Upland, CA at a brewery called Last Name Brewing, I decided to take my Disney/Marvel/Star Wars themed special event on the road. I figured my first stop could be a city I already love, so I emailed Tom and asked him to send me 5 places he loves and thinks would be a good fit. He got back to me with the handful of locations and I emailed them all with my proposal, and one wrote back write away enthusiastically.

Sunday July 8th at 7pm I'll be running my first TN trivia event at The Southside Social in downtown Chattanooga! This place has everything, live music, bowling, great food and drinks, and it seems to be a hot spot among the locals I've surveyed. I'll be running 2+hours of trivia on everyone's favorite franchises right in the middle of the summer, and it should be an absolute blast.

If you know anyone traveling to Chattanooga around that time of the 4th-9th, please send them my way! I'd love to meet them and ask them questions about Deadpool. I love Chattanooga Travel and I think doing this special event in the heart of Downtown Chattanooga will be fantastic!

Tickets available for $10 here.


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