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Bring Your Pets to Trivia. I Love It.

When I was a kid, I asked for a dog every year for my birthday/Christmas, and every year my parents told me I couldn't get one because I was allergic to dogs. I grew up trying to avoid dogs, and never got why everyone loved them so much.

Fast forward to me meeting my then girlfriend in college (now wife) who had a zoo of two dogs and two cats at her house, and suddenly I had to be around animals all the time. And I LOVED it. My heart would beat faster when her dogs would jump all over me, and I'd smile when the purrs from her cats squeaked out when I pet them on a couch. I went back to my parents and asked them what my big allergy was and they responded with, "You don't have one, we just told you that so we didn't have to get you a dog." What a prank!

I now live in a house with three dogs I call my own, one of which I got about a day after that reveal from mom and dad, and despite the tiny problems that always come with owning a pet, I love them more than anything. That's why I'm so excited when people bring their dogs to trivia night!

Now obviously, dogs aren't allowed in every venue that I host at, but at most of the breweries it's kosher. It's real fun when teams can bring their own mascot of sorts to help them win. I love interacting with the pets in between trivia rounds, and I like watching the fun of two dogs meeting each other, too.

Bring your pet anywhere that's pet friendly, and I'll be sure to pet it! And sometimes we'll do bonus-points-for-dogs night, so watch for those announcements on social media as well. WOOF!

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