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15 Questions on Women’s History

Since March is Women’s History Month, I like bought it would be fun times to share 15 questions with you on some very important women in our world! See how many of these you can answer. 

1. Rosie the Riveter was a cultural icon during what war?  2. Of her 270 published works, Little Women was the most popular. Who was the author?  3. Who has a famous studio in Chicago called Harpo Studios?  4. After a major acting career in the 30s, who became a US diplomat starting in 1969?  5. Florence Nightengale was a pioneer in what field?  6. A painter of skyscrapers and flowers and more, what female artist holds the record for highest price paid for a painting by a woman?  7. In what decade did Amelia Earhart's plane go missing?  8. What was the full title of Anne Frank's diary?  9. In 1851, what "honest" abolistionist gave a extermperaneous speech called Aint I a Woman?  10. From 1979-81 and again in 1999, what woman appeared on the US dollar coin?  11. Emily Bronte had two sister who were also writer poets, what were their names?  12. Who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize?  13. Whose revolutionary fashions ideas in the 20th century often took men's clothes and redesigned them for the benefit of women?  14. In what state did Rosa Parks refuse to give up her seat on a bus?  15. What singer was known as the First Lady of the Blues?  

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