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Have You Tried the Insane Deal of Movie Pass Yet?

One of my all time favorite pastimes is watching movies. From an early age, all I wanted to do was escape into the movies I loved over and over again. In high school, I found my way into working at Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Game Crazy, Family Video, and Family Home video over the course of a few years into college, and my love for film never stopped. 

So yes, I'm a Movie Pass holder. If you aren't familiar, it's a new service that lets you see any movie in almost any theater once a day for $9.95 a month. That's cheaper than almost any single movie ticket, so it's a crazy deal. Even if you go once, it's still cheaper. 

Now I've got a new baby at home so my wife can't go the movies with me as much but we did manage to see Thor Ragnarok with our passes right before he was born. And on my own and with other folks I've seen The Last Jedi twice, The Disaster Artist, and Murder on the Orient Express. And get this, if your theater has a rewards card, you'll get tons of free stuff the more movies you see, because Movie Pass is still paying for you to see the movies full price, so the theaters don't care where that money is coming from as long as they get it! Most of the theaters by me are Regal/Edwards, so I've got a free popcorn coming already just from going earlier this week. 

The whole thing really is a steal. I'm thinking about hosting some Movie Pass holder/Trivia with Budds players meetsup in SoCal! Watch the website for event info and special giveaways. 

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