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Themed Trivia Fun with Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Disney!

This whole month of January 2018 has been devoted to some of the funnest franchises at Trivia with Budds!

We kicked things off with a whole week of Disney themed rounds and brought in a bunch of families and players of all ages at ten locations. Rounds like Who Am I where players get three clues towards a member of the Disney Universe got people scratching their heads in wonder.

Our second week of the month was all about The Boy Who Lives with five rounds on all things Harry Potter! One of the best received rounds was Which Book Was That where I have players a major timeline event and they had to match it with the book where it happened. Rounds like HP Actors and Actresses invited more film fans to participate as well. And everyone who brought a wand got a bonus point, too!

Now we’re at the end of week three, aka, STAR WARS WEEK! We had a blast doing rounds on Droids and Creatures, and whole 11 questions on my favorite of the series, The Empire Strikes Back. Players were encouraged to bring lightsabers this week for bonus points and boy did they!

What will the final week of the month bring? I’ll give you a hint: think SUPERHEROES. And get ready to don your favorite cape.

If you have ideas for future themed weeks shoot me a text at 424-265-1212.

Cheers! 🍻

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