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11 Trivia Questions on TV

For these questions, I'm giving you the titles of popular TV shows, but with alternate words. See if you can crack these TV Title Synonyms.

  1. Female sibling, Female sibling

  2. True statements of existence

  3. Exact same mountainous tips

  4. Proper burial

  5. Exactly what a certain bird would do

  6. Preparatory school for rain stoppage

  7. The very top eye-removers

  8. Nuptials upon initial observation

  9. Blackjack hop road

  10. Handled amongst heavenly spirits

  11. Death and female inscription


  1. Sister Sister

  2. The Facts of Life

  3. Twin Peaks

  4. Six Feet Under

  5. That's So Raven

  6. Umbrella Academy

  7. Peaky Blinders

  8. Married at First Sight

  9. 21 Jump Street

  10. Touched by an Angel

  11. Murder, She Wrote

Download PowerPoints of the Question and Answer Slides here.

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