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11 Trivia Questions on One Word Song Syllables

Are you a big music fan? Put your tuned brain to the test by figuring out the real titles of these one-word songs with their synonyms. Don't worry-I give you the artist, too!


1.Pearl Jam-Undead

2.Kool and the Gang-Party

3.Janet Jackson-Mean

4.Eric Clapton-Crack

5.Cheap Trick-Relinquish

6.Britney Spears-Poisonous

7.Notorious B.I.G.-Succulent


9.David Bowie-Protagonists

10.Bon Jovi-Constantly



1.Pearl Jam-Alive

2.Kool and the Gang-Celebration

3.Janet Jackson-Nasty

4.Eric Clapton-Cocaine

5.Cheap Trick-Surrender

6.Britney Spears-Toxic

7.Notorious B.I.G.-Juicy


9.David Bowie-Heroes

10.Bon Jovi-Always


If you dig this round and want to use it for your own trivia event of any kind, download the Powerpoint here! You can even remove my logo and info, I won't mind 😉

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