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10 Trivia Questions on North Carolina

NC! It's a beautiful state to visit for the mountains, the beers, and the amazing people. But what else do you know about the 12th state in the U.S.? Ponder these questions below!

  1. What is the state bird of North Carolina?

  2. What three words will you find on the top of N.C. license plate?

  3. Roanoke Island is located in what easternmost county of North Carolina?

  4. What lake in North Carolina do Johnny Castle and “Baby” swim in?

  5. Construction of this 8,000 acre National Historic Landmark began in 1889.

  6. This country singer from N.C. had the No.1 album on the Billboard 200 in 2019.

  7. In 1963, African Americans in Greeneville boycotted this seasonal decoration in December.

  8. Born April, 1951 in Kannapolis, N.C. who earned the nickname “The Intimidator” in racing?

  9. Bingo is better with Budds in TN because selling this during a game of bingo is illegal in N.C.

  10. What three latin words comprise the state motto on the N.C. state seal?

(I took this photo hiking the Blueridge Parkway 🏔 )


  1. Northern Cardinal

  2. First in Flight

  3. Dare County

  4. Lake Lure

  5. Biltmore Estate

  6. Luke Combs

  7. Christmas Lights (Black Christmas Boycotts)

  8. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

  9. Alcohol (Law 18B-308)

  10. Esse quam videri

Want more fun batches of trivia? Check out my Mon-Fri podcast Trivia With Budds wherever podcasts are found and subscribe to never miss a new quiz!

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