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10 Rounds of TV Trivia/111 Questions!

One of my goals of #2024 has been trying to organize my digital library of written trivia rounds. It's quite dense, dating all the way back to 2010 when streaming was just picking up steam!

The main marketplace for downloadable digital games for trivia hosts and party throwers is Etsy, so I've decided to start loading content on to the community to try and build up interest.

At the moment, I've got a 10 round MOVIE TRIVIA game night ready to go, along with this TV TRIVIA game night available as instant download for just $10. If you're looking for some quality materials to host your next work function or house party, look no further than the Trivia With Budds Etsy Page!

I'm still tinkering with making these presentations totally evergreen, or inserting a bit of my branding in them, which of course can be edited in Powerpoint however the user wishes. If you have any feedback either way, email any time!

Happy hosting! Here are some sample questions from the TV batch.

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