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Quick Reviews of My Lyft Drivers in Virginia Beach, VA

Lyft Driver Summary from Virginia Beach, VA this weekend:  

CHARLES: Middle aged truck driver, very kind, has a daughter who lives in Savannah, GA he likes to visit with his wife, who also drives Lyft. She didn't want to at first claiming she wasn't a people person but now she does it just as much as he does and loves it. He mentioned how Norfolk, VA has the biggest naval base in the world, and I asked if it made him feel safer. He said a little bit, but it also makes him think if something were to go down it could happen right in his backyard. Great guy. DAVID: 31 year old guy from Peoria, IL of all places. He was very courteous and spiritual. He produces beats and music for gospel hip hop artists and drives Lyft on the side when he's not singing in his choir. Great guy. ISAAC: 28 year old guy from Houston but now active military living in Virginia Beach. Told me he thinks I have a lock on the whole "trivia game." Dropped me at the airport and ran out to give me my phone which I left in the backseat when grabbing my luggage. Great guy. BORIS: 47 year old guy from Virginia Beach who was BAT SHIT CRAZY. Here's a quick rundown of what he told me as soon as I got in the car: "You know, you don't have to pay debt. Debt is not a real thing. Lincoln was assassinated because he was trying to tell the country about how our dollar isn't worth anything because it's not backed by anything. You can get out of any debt you ever had by just selecting 'this doesn't pertain to me' on the dropdown from on the 'website.'" He said he got out of 20k in debt this way. Then he told me that he gets a shot of testosterone in each butt cheek twice a month for $267 but it helps him feel stronger and climb stairs faster. He also said it helps with 'keeping stuff up' (he didn't say boners but I think he meant boners.) Then he told me not to take any more Lyfts in the area because if a cop sees someone with a suitcase taking a Lyft he can ticket the driver and the passenger. ...Great guy. 

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