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Yelp Love! Almost to 100 Reviews

Starting about a year ago, a huge part of my business referrals started to come from Yelp reviews. Once I launched the page, I started to get some naturally, and I found just by asking people, they were usually happy to leave one if they enjoyed a show.

Now when I do an event, I usually email the client a week later and ask for feedback on Yelp, and this practice has led to some truly amazing words that help me get booked daily! I thought it would be cool to take a minute to highlight a few of reviews that have seriously made me go all in as a trivia host, so here are some ones that made me throw my fist in the air.

Patty C: Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA; High School Swim Team Banquet

Keeps everyone on their toes - laughing, interacting, competing, guessing! Ryan is the best! I experienced Ryan at a 30th birthday party - with guests ranging in age from 21 to 73 - first hand, I was a participant and RYAN does not stop! He is talking, engaging & his ice breakers are the best! So move ahead a year and I hired Trivia with Budds to bring some fun teamwork to our high school swim team banquet. Our swimmers & parents competed - prizes, laughter & good times. Engage Ryan - you will not be disappointed. From the first contact by email to on time arrival - absolutely the best! THANKS RYAN!!!!

Brian S: Redlands, CA; Weekly Trivia Night at Last Name Brewing

I took my girlfriend's 88 year old grandma to Trivia with Budds last night. While she didn't know a lot about the Kardashians or the Undertaker, there were plenty things she did know and she had a great time. I can't emphasize enough how far above and beyond an evening with Trivia with Budds is compared to other trivia companies I've experienced. You will not meet a more likable, down to earth, and fun person than Ryan Budds. He keeps the entire room engaged in the game and personally involved through conversation, stories, jokes and games. If you are looking for a fun evening out, I highly recommend checking out one of his weekly events and if you have a corporate event or some sort of party and are looking for a different and fun form of entertainment you can't go wrong hiring Ryan Budds.

Michele D: Van Nuys, CA; April Birthdays Backyard Family Party

I would give Ryan 10 stars if possible! I've hired Ryan twice - first time for an company event (Employee Appreciation Week) and then since he was so awesome, I had him host a Trivia night at my personal party. Both times he was a HUGE hit. I can't recommend him highly enough! He customizes the questions for your group and everyone comes out a winner! If you want your guests to have fun - Invite Ryan Budds to your event!

Alex O: Azusa, CA; Azusa Pacific College Student Life Event

Ryan was phenomenal from start to finish! I work at a University in the greater Los Angeles area and he did a great job engaging with our students from start to finish! He made the students laugh, noticed those who weren't as involved and got them involved as well, created a fun and welcoming atmosphere, and really a special element to our event. Couldn't have asked for anything better! Besides how he performed during the event, he was also fantastic as we were coordinating the event. Super fast when responding to emails, he made a trip out to the venue to do a walkthrough, and was willing to adjust his material to meet our needs. Looking forward to working with him again in the future!

Serena D: Los Angeles, CA; Capital Group Company Office Party

I'm part of a team of 20 who work at a DTLA-based company, and we were lucky to have Ryan Budds host trivia for us as a team building event following an all-day meeting. I'm not even into trivia, and this might have been one of my favorite group activities ever. To the point that I'm trying to think of any excuse to hire him/them again (my birthday is too far away). What I loved: 1. Extremely responsive and so willing to tailor the experience to our group and our needs (we had an "appreciation" theme to our day, and he worked it into the games very creatively, deftly avoiding any cheesiness) 2. Polished materials - Sounds a bit eye-rolly, but really, the aesthetics of his presentation and the way he seamlessly leveraged technology really added to the experience 3. Perfect tone - Our company can be pretty conservative, but he perfectly played to his audience, and had every personality type in tears [of laughter]; even our most critical colleagues were overheard gushing about the fun they had 4. Continuously engaging - There was a never a dull moment from the moment we began; there were different games in between trivia rounds, different ways we were competing even within the trivia rounds, and sprinkled throughout was Ryan's hilarious commentary 5. Adaptable - We were running late so our time with him was a bit truncated, we had some random real-time asks, and people were making/wolfing down chili in the background...he not only rolled with it all, but took everything to the next level in the best way possible Seriously, wish we could hire this guy to facilitate every event, meeting, or life in general.

Thanks for these reviews everybody! If you've played with me and want to give me some feedback, please head over to my Yelp Page and drop a line. Cheers!

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