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Snoopy Had Siblings? WTF

Every once in a while, I truly get stumped as a trivia host. This was one of those cases.

I had my friend Randy Washington, singer, comedian, and all around great dude on Ep 78 of the Trivia with Budds podcast to chat and to do trivia on Giant Robots and Fictional Dogs, the latter of which was a topic picked by me. Little did I know, I knew almost nothing about Fictional Dogs, or at least Randy's take on making up questions about them!

Listen to this clip for insight.

It's evident that I need to go back and revisit some of these so called siblings in the Peanuts universe!

Listen to the WHOLE episode right over here, chum!

Trivia with Budds Ep 78. Giant Robots VS Fictional Dogs

And subscribe here for new eps on your phone every Tuesday at 8am PAC.

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