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Trivia Ideas For Your Holiday Party

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

That time of the year is, of course, the holiday party season! You get together with your friends, your family, your co-workers, and your people, and you eat, drink and be merry. It's a hoot and a holler, it requires a ton of planning, and then poof, it's over and it's a new year! Whew!

When it comes to entertaining those special folks on your team, trivia, bingo, and game shows are great ways to bring everyone together in friendly competition and comradery. Here are a few unique ideas to spice up your next gathering.

  1. Host a virtual, in-person, or hybrid trivia game show. There are tons of options when it comes to how you can execute the ultimate trivia show, so answer these few questions first. Do you want everyone to be able to play or just a select group? Trivia is a very fun way to engage people of all ages, creeds, and skill levels, as everyone knows a little something about everything! You can open the show to everyone (up to 5,000 players with Crowdpurr) or limit it to some CEOs or executives. Customize the show with questions on your company, or leave to the host to choose from over 1,000 categories of fun topics like 80s Movies, Holiday Cuisine, Stephen King Books, and so much more. 5 rounds and around 50 questions quickly fill an hour.

  2. Bingo! Instead of knowledge, you can lean on a game of chance to entertain your players. Everyone uses their smartphones to generate bingo cards with numbers, pictures, animated GIFs, song titles, and more and the host execute calling those squares for players to mark off. Music bingo gets everyone moving their shoulders to hit songs before you know it! Give away awesome prizes for winners and even do multiple winners per game. 4 games over quickly fill an hour, easily!

  3. Feud! With a full buzzer system setup for the slap buzzer show-down style game play, Feud works just like the hit game show. Two teams battle trying to guess the top survey question answers on the board and laughs are sure to ensue as players nail responses, freeze up, or spit out ridiculously funny options. You can showcase two teams throughout an hour or cycle through multiple teams over any given amount of time and away prizes for the overall winning team at the end of the show. Survey it!

Bonus ideas:

  • Supply tokens for players to win throughout the show from various tasks; trivia rounds, bingo rounds, and more work well! Winners can then place those tokens in boxes next to prizes that are raffled off after the game show, so they can "bet" on what they hope to win. The bigger the prizes, the better!

  • Gift cards are super easy for distribution to global players. Think Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more when it comes to supplying your crew with their winnings!

  • Skip the prizes and play for the ultimate bragging rights! Or, consider donating to a local or national charity as a special prize for the winning team.

The possibilities for entertainment using Trivia With Budds are endless.

Contact Ryan Budds anytime with any questions and schedule your next Zoom demo to go over the details!

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