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All the Ways to Customize Crowdpurr for Virtual Trivia

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Looking for the absolute EASIEST way to run a virtual trivia show over Zoom or some other virtual platform that allows screen sharing? Look no further than Crowdpurr! I've used it for probably 90% of the 200+virtual trivia parties I've done since March 2020 and it's helped me conduct some HUGE shows for MAJOR companies. I've run Crowdpurr shows for LinkedIn, Microsoft, Lenovo, The Wonderful Company, and Oaktree Capital just to name a few!

Here's what I love about Crowdpurr in 5 quick bullet points:

  • Everything happens in real-time. Whether you have 5 players or 500, you're running trivia that everyone can play on their smartphones (or any device with internet access to type in a website) and all the questions, answers, results, and leaderboards are accessible as you go along. You don't need to take any time to tally anything up, the app does it for you. And you can run multi-round quizzes, team games, tournaments, and more, very easily.

  • The question types cover everything I'm looking to host, form multiple choice with any amount of answers, to True/False, to picture, animated GIF, and YouTube video based questions. Quizzes can be any length, and you can change the point value and time to buzz in on every question. You can also make a code word for players to sign in to play the event, like It's radical!

  • It's extremely customizable. Every background screen, button color, and header can be to your exact specifications. Throw in a logo for the company that's hosting the party to brand the whole event. Or change the logo every round if you have sponsors for fundraising. Go check out my bullet points here on the Funny Business Agency's website to see some more great ideas on throwing a charity trivia event.

  • Tons of great in-app content. Don't want to write questions or come up with rounds? Use Crowdpurr's huge database of questions (updated weekly) and you'll be ready to party in no time. Customize your own questions, and throw in some about the company while you're at it. Pick and choose what you need to build the perfect trivia show. The possibilities are endless!

Crowdpurr does come with a cost, but it's well-worth it if you're running lots of virtual trivia shows. Sign up for the free version anytime to do three 10-question quizzes for up to 20 players. When you're ready to upgrade, choose the package that best fits your needs and crowd size. I currently clock in at the Conference plan level for up to 1,000 players with full customization options for how everything looks. It's essential to my holiday bookings and something I'm very happy to pay for monthly!

Finally, check out this 7-minute demo of me showing a client all the question types and ways to customize the show for their corporate trivia party.

And message me anytime with questions! I feel like I use Crowdpurr more than just about anybody in the virtual trivia space :)

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