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54 Trivia Questions for a Nerd Born Around 1985

As my birthday approached last week, I decided to dedicate the entire week's worth of trivia to things I dig! Below you'll find rounds full of trivia based on things I adore with movies like Road House, artists like Chris Stapleton, and words like "budtender". Good luck playing along, and feel free to use any of these questions for your own trivia nights!

ROUND 1: 'BUD'DS WORDS-All the answers contain the word "bud" somewhere.

1.An Indian religion founded by Siddhartha Gautama

2.An American car rental company that was founded in 1958 in Los Angeles

3.The name of the sled in Citizen Kane

4.A comedy directed by Josh Duhamel in 2019 that became a CBS competition series in 2023

5.The son character on Married With Children

6.A blue-label beer introduced by Anheuser-Busch in 1982

7.A a small, long-tailed, seed-eating parrot that lives to be 5-8 years old in captivity

8.It’s the capital of Hungary

9.A staff member who works within a dispensary or store where medical or recreational cannabis is sold

10.Beats by Dre and Apple sell expensive sets of these

11.How many total Trivia With Budds podcast episodes have been released? Guess within 100 to get the points.

ROUND 2: BUDDS'S FAVORITE MOVIES-General movie knowledge.

1.Little Giants is a family movie from the 90s about what sport?

2.In the comedy The Girl Next Door, the main character gets a new neighbor that has what profession?

3.In Adventures in Babysitting, Chris Parker cannot leave a Chicago club without singing what genre of music?

4.Michael McKean plays which of the main six characters in Clue?

5.The opening scene of Dick Tracy features five gangsters playing what game?

6.Brad Wesley, the main villain in Road House, claims what mall store came to his town because of him?

7.K-2SO is a droid that mainly appears in what theatrical Star Wars film?

8.Die Hard takes place in what state?

9.“Why are you so sweaty? I was watching _______.”

10.Who is the star of the 2000 film The Beach?

11.Name any two of the subtitles to Sharknados 2-6.

ROUND 3: BUDDS'S FAVORITE SONGS-General music trivia.

1.After Mr. Brightside, what was the second official single released from The Killers on their album Hot Fuss in 2004?

2.Finish the Prince lyrics: Why do we scream at each other? This is what it sounds like When ______ ______

3.What country artist has released albums called Traveller, Starting Over, and upcoming in Nov 2023, Higher?

4.Rap duo Run the Jewels consists of El-P and what other artist?

5.Blink-182 got back together and released what album and single title in 2023?

6.Who is the lead singer of Incubus?

7.“These five words I swear to you” are lyrics from what what Bon Jovi song?

8.Alkaline Trio is a punk rock band originating in what US city?

9.Slide, Black Balloon, and Come To Me are songs by what band?

10.The Weird Al song My Bologna is a parody of what 70s song?

11.Which artist from the above questions was Budds’s first concert in 2000?

ROUND 4: BUDDS BONDS-Figure out the common theme from the three items.

1.Bounce | Chest | Overhead

2.Phantom Menace | The Sopranos | Napster

3.Image | Mirage | Archie

4.Hook | Aladdin | Robots

5.Prize | Bull | Jet

6.State Troopers | Travel Agents | Box Offices

7.Dude Love | Cactus Jack | Mankind

8.Jumbo Shrimp | Cold As Hell | Deafening Silence

9.Party of Five | Can’t Hardly Wait | House Arrest

10.Heaven | Microsoft | An Airport

11.Jack | Johnny | Jay

ROUND 5: CONFIDENCE ROUND-No set category, totally random questions.

1.Founded by two former PayPal employees, which company refers to its logo as a burst?

2.Though he didn’t originate the quote, what was Mark Twain referring to when he said that “everybody talks about [it], but nobody does anything about it”?

3.AdleyRutschman led the Orioles in games played this season, despite primarily playing which position?

4.The lever, pulley, wedge, and screw are among the six items collectively known by which basic two-word term?

5.Which novel features a title character that doesn't appear until Chapter 133, titled The Chase – First Day?

6.Containing marshmallows and nuts, which variety of chocolate ice cream was named in reference to the Great Depression?

7.The Jed Foundation and the Trevor Project are charity partners of which 21st century production that won a Tony Award for Best Musical?

8.In a motivational slogan created by the British government during World War II, which phrase followed Keep Clam and…?

9.Which sweet syrup is combined with tequila and orange juice in a Tequila Sunrise cocktail?

10.A piemaker resurrected several people on which former ABC series whose title is a euphemism for death?



  1. Buddhism

  2. Budget

  3. Rosebud

  4. Buddy Games

  5. Bud Bundy

  6. Bud Light

  7. Budgie

  8. Budapest

  9. Budtender

  10. Earbuds

  11. 1600!


  1. Football

  2. Pornstar

  3. Blues

  4. Mr. Green

  5. Poker

  6. JC Penney

  7. Rogue One

  8. California

  9. Cops

  10. Leonardo DiCaprio

  11. The Second One, Oh Hell No! The 4th Awakens, Global Swarming, It’s About Time


  1. Somebody Told Me

  2. Doves Cry

  3. Chris Stapleton

  4. Killer Mike

  5. One More Time

  6. Brandon Boyd

  7. I’ll Be There For You

  8. Chicago

  9. Goo Goo Dolls

  10. My Sharona

  11. Blink-182


  1. Passes in Basketball

  2. 1999

  3. Comics Companies

  4. Robin Williams

  5. Fighters

  6. They Have Tickets

  7. Wrestler Mick Foley

  8. Oxymorons

  9. Jennifer Love Hewitt

  10. They Have Gates

  11. Hosts of the Tonight Show


  1. Yelp

  2. The Weather

  3. Catcher

  4. Simple Machine

  5. Moby Dick

  6. Rocky Road

  7. Dear Evan Hansen

  8. Carry On

  9. Grenadine

  10. Pushing Daisies

If you're a fellow Scorpio, happy birthday month to you, too! 🎂

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