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25 New Trivia Names For Your Team

Week after week of hosting around 300 trivia nights a year, I run into the same stale team names over and over again. From "Team Name" to "We Thought This Was Speed Dating," the amount of sighs I've let out could fill an indoor stadium.

That's why I decided to take it upon myself to come up with 25 new pun-tastic names for your team trivia playing pleasure. Use one of these next time you're stumped for something sharp (and by sharp, let's be honest, probably still pretty obvious). Cheers!

1. Christopher Walken on Sunshine

2. Fleshlight at the End of the Tunnel

3. Winnie the Shit

4. The Wonder Beers

5. Beer and Present Danger

6. Short and Stouts

7. The Secret Ingredient is Beer

8. Momma Said Knock You Up

9. To Infinity and Beyonce

10. An Inconvenient Booth (John Wilkes)

11. I Bro What You Did Last Summer

12. You Can Do It Put Some Crack Into It

13. Fake Newsies

14. Blow My Whistle, Madam

15. 2018 Borat Impression

16. Ted Dancin'

17. Weeble Wobbles Weeble But They Don't Put Out

18. Elon Musky Ass

19. World Star Flip Flops

20. John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer

21. 9021-HO

22. Take the Blue Pilsner

23. Wokeahontas

24. Keg Stand and Deliver

25. Happy Happy Joy Joy Luck Club

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