04.04.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Aquatic Disney ANSWERS

1. Who did the voice of Gill in Finding Nemo? WILLEM DAFOE
2. How many total daughters did Triton have in the little mermaid? 7

3. What is the whale's name in Pinocchio? MONSTRO

4. What's the name of Disney rhyming named water park in Florida? TYPHOON LAGOON

5. What Disney produced smartphone game lets players solve water and pipe puzzles for an alligator? WHERE'S MY WATER

04.03.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Disney Cats ANSWERS

1. What color is a Disney movie cat named Duchess? WHITE

2. Sgt. Tibbs is a cat that could be found in what Disney movie? 101 DALMATIANS

3. Who did the voice of Scar in The Lion King? JEREMY IRONS

4. Fat Cat is a villain found on what Disney afternoon cartoon? CHIP AND DALE: RESCUE RANGERS

5. What is Alice's brown cat's name in Alice in Wonderland? DINAH

04.02.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Disney Sequels ANSWERS

1. Which Disney princess had a sequel called The Enchanted Christmas? BELLE

2. The Lion King II is called Simba's what? PRIDE

3. Which movie made more at the box office, Finding Nemo or Finding Dory? FINDING DORY

4. How many High School Musical movies have been released so far? 3

5. Who is playing Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins Returns? EMILY BLUNT

04.01.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Disney Foods ANSWERS

1. What Disney movie features a chef named Linguini? RATATOULLIE
2. What is the closest attraction to the Dole Whip stand at Disneyland? ENCHANTED TIKI ROOM

3. Which Disney character would inspire you to eat a spoonful of sugar? MARY POPPINS

4. What fruit to Pete and his dragon eat together, ending with a fire breathed treat? APPLES

5. In Honey I Shrunk the Kids, the kids fall into a bowl of what cereal? CHEERIOS

03.30.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Disney Songs ANSWERS

1. In what Disney movie does a princess sing a song called Someday my Prince Will Come? SNOW WHITE

2. What actor sang a 2016 song called You're Welcome? THE ROCK

3. In what year did Pocahontas sing Colors of the Wind for the first time? 1995

4. You'll be in My Heart was a hit song from Tarzan by what artist? PHIL COLLINS

5. Why Should I Worry appears in what 80s Disney film? OLIVER & COMPANY

03.29.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Disney's Aladdin ANSWERS

1. What is the first song viewers can hear in Disney's Aladdin? ARABIAN NIGHTS
2. Who did the voice of the loud bird Iago? GILBERT GOTTFRIED

3. Who is the subtitle to the third Aladdin movie? KING OF THIEVES

4. What is the first line to I Can Show You the World? I CAN SHOW YOU THE WORLD

5. What color is the belt around the genie's midsection? RED

03.28.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Disney Islands ANSWERS

1. What south pacific island is the home of the title character in Disney's Moana? MOTUNUI

2. What 1960 Disney film is about a family that must survive being shipwrecked on a desert island? SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON

3. Who played Long John Silver in Muppet Treasure Island? TIM CURRY

4. What is the subtitle to the 2nd Pirates of the Carribean movie? DEAD MAN'S CHEST

5. In what Disney film do characters visit a place named Pleasure Island? PINOCCHIO

03.27.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Disneyland ANSWERS

1. What year did Disneyland open? Was it 1945, 1955, or 1965? 1955

2. Before it was called Finding Nemo submarine voyage, what was the name of the underwater ride? 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA: SUBMARINE VOYAGE

3. What rude is directly to the right of Mr Toad’s Wild Ride? PETER PAN

4. What President has his name on a marquee exhibit near the front of the park? LINCOLN

5. What Name is attached to the smallest train ride in Disneyland? CASEY JONES

03.26.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Disney Dogs ANSWERS

1. What actor did the voice of Bolt in 2008's Bolt? JOHN TRAVOLTA

2. What type of dog is Lady in Lady and the Tramp? COCKER SPANIEL

3. What type of furniture does the dog turn into in Beauty and the Beast? FOOT REST

4. What one word will make Doug from Up stop dead in his tracks? SQUIRREL! 

5. What 101 Dalmation dog is always hungry? ROLLY

03.25.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Disney Colors ANSWERS

1. What Disney princess is known for wearing her trademark purple dress? RAPUNZEL

2. What color is Perdita's collar in 101 Dalmations? BLUE

3. What color is the feather in Pinnochio's hat? RED

4. What Disneyland nighttime show opened in 2010 and contains the word color? WORLD OF COLOR

5. Besides the black dots, what color are the Cheshire Cat's eyes? YELLOW

03.24.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Elderly Disney Characters ANSWERS

1. What actor played Maurice in the live action Beauty and the Beast film? KEVIN KLINE

2. What are on each of Carl Frederick's walker's legs in Up? TENNIS BALLS

3. What game does Geri play in the Pixar short Geri's Game? CHESS

4. In what Disney film would you find Grandmother Willow? POCHAHONTAS

5. Igo is an older man in what Disney/Pixar film? RATATOULLIE

03.23.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Disney Sidekicks ANSWERS

1. How do you spell Timon's sidekick's name from The Lion King? PUMBAA

2. Along with a yellow stripe, what color is Jiminy Cricket's top hat? BLUE

3. What Disney character had a sidekick named Pua? MOANA

4. Who did the voice of a sidekick known as Phil, for short? DANNY DEVITO

5. Who has a small green chameleon for a sidekick? RAPUNZEL

03.22.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Disney Villains ANSWERS

1. What is the sequel to Aladdin called? THE RETURN OF JAFAR

2. What Disney villain drives a car based on a 1936 Alvis Speed 20 SD Drophead Coupe? CRUELLA de VIL

3. What Disney villain has a dog named Percy? GOVERNOR RATCLIFFE

4. Who did the voice of Hades in Hercules? JAMES WOODS

5. In the animated Beauty and the Beast, what two colors make up Gaston's shirt and collar? RED AND YELLOW (or GOLD)

03.21.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Disney Locations ANSWERS

1. What is the name of the cyber world in the film Tron? THE GRID

2. Where do Mike and Sully get banished in the film Monsters Inc? THE HIMALAYAS

3. What country does Brave take place in? SCOTLAND

4. What toy store is featured prominently in Toy Story 2? AL'S TOY BARN

5. What street does Basil live on in The Great Mouse Detective? BAKER STREET

03.20.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Disney Princesses ANSWERS

1. Which princess wielded a frying pan as a handy weapon? ? REPUNZEL

2. Which princesse was the star of a movie that featured a song called A Girl Worth Fighting For? MULAN

3. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are faeries in which Disney Princesses's movie? SLEEPING BEAUTY

4. How many thingamabobs does Ariel claim to have in a song in the Little Mermaid? 20

5. What is the name of the main character's hopeful restaurant in The Princess and the Frog? TIANA'S PLACE

03.19.18. Daily Disney Trivia on Pixar Movies ANSWERS

1. In what Toy Story movie does Lots-o-Huggin' Bear appear? TOY STORY 3

2. Who does the voice of Mr. Incredible? CRAIG T. NELSON

3. What does Boo have 5 of on her door in Monsters Inc? FLOWERS

4. What is the boy scout's first name in Up? RUSSELL

5. What year did The Good Dinosaur come out? 2015

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